Cream beverage (maple), 750 ml

SAQ Code: 11859030 UPC Code: 0628378000042

This liquor is creamy and tender mouth back features flavors of maple and cream. LA CRÈME of Domaine Kildare is produced without artificial colors or added sugar, which explains its cream color. Enjoy LA CRÈME of Domaine Kildare on ice. It is very interesting mixed with coffee. The presentation cocktail offers many possibilities since LA CRÈME flavors combine well to milk, raspberry liqueur and cassis. LA CRÈME of Domaine Kildare is a must with fresh fruit salad, cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. This cream helps to make maple sauces to serve with white meats,flambéed fruits and custard. Serve cold with or without ice.

Degree of alcohol...............................14%