Maple syrup liquor, 200 ml, 500 ml or 750 ml

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Taste it decorated with a thin slice of lime or a sprig of mint. It goes well with : terrine, liver pâté or smoked salmon. As a dessert wine, its worth being tasted with apple preparations and all fruits with intense flavor. It creates an unexpected agreement with the bitter dark chocolate with orange zest. It adapts well to the aroma of strong cheeses.

The nose offers very velvety aromas of caramel, blond tobacco smoke notes. The assembly has a good strength and a long length. The mouth opens on a soft attack with a creamy texture that lemon, caramel, nuts, is carrying on a long finish reminiscent of burnt wax. The set is built on balance and finesse.

APPETIZER Domain Kildare is served very cool (14 ˚C), without ice.

    200 ml : 18.00$
    500 ml : 23.00$
    750 ml : 30.00$

Degree of alcohol...............................14%